New Seat Tarraco vs Peugeot 5008

Seat has proven adept at making SUVs – but is its largest one yet, the Tarraco, good enough to topple our recommended Peugeot 5008?...

Peugeot 5008 interior

Behind the wheel

Driving position, visibility, build quality

The first thing that’ll probably catch your eye in either car is the sparkly digital instrument panel behind the steering wheel. Forget old-school analogue dials; these new-age screens can place loads more useful information close to your line of sight.

Within certain boundaries, you can customise the screen to show the things you want it to. You can view sat-nav directions, for example, or scroll through playlists and radio stations using buttons on, or behind, the steering wheel – a process that’s generally more intuitive in the Tarraco.

The 5008 has an unusual driving position in that you view the instruments over, rather than through, the steering wheel – which happens to be barely any bigger than a dinner plate. The curious arrangement soon starts to feel like second nature, though, and there’s plenty of movement in the seat and steering wheel to allow drivers of all shapes and sizes to get comfortable.

Seat Tarraco interior

Both cars come with adjustable lumbar support as standard to help ward off lower back pain on longer journeys, but the Tarraco’s seat holds you in place noticeably better through tight corners, while its driving position is equally as adjustable as the 5008’s.

You’ll expect a fairly posh interior for your near-£30k outlay – and in the 5008 you get one. The design of its dashboard is suitably dramatic and the materials used throughout feel really upmarket. Our only criticism is that some of the interior panels don’t line up quite as well as they might.

In pure build quality terms, the Tarraco has the edge and its interior is undoubtedly the best we’ve seen yet from the Spanish manufacturer. Our only complaint here is that the plasticky air conditioning controls, borrowed from the cheaper Ateca and Leon, feel a little out of place.

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