New signs help drivers identify location

* New signs on M4, M5, M48 and M49 * Help pinpoint location and direction * Aim is to save time for emergency services...

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Jim Holder
11 January 2008

New signs help drivers identify location

New signs designed to help drivers pinpoint where they are if they break down or want to report a problem are being installed on several motorways.

The new signs will be introduced from mid-January, and will be erected on the M4 from junction 13 at Newbury until its end in Wales, the M5 from junctions 15-31, and on sections of the M48 and M49.

Information on the signs will tell road users which motorway they are driving on, where they are on it and the direction they are travelling in.

The Highways Agency's David Stock said: 'With many people using mobile phones to call for assistance these days, rather than the motorway emergency phones, it can be difficult to find a caller's exact location.

'The new signs will mean the emergency services and Highways Agency traffic officers can respond to incidents more quickly, as well as reduce the risk of secondary incidents, congestion and delay to other road users.'