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6 Apr 2010 10:2 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 0:3 readers send their messages to the politicians ahead of the UK General Election on May 6.

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Please remember that some of us in rural areas need a car just to do everyday things such as buying food.

Motorists already pay a heavy price through tax thanks to Labour using motorists as a bountiful cash cow.

The UK's road tax and fuel duty are already the highest in the so-called civilised world. Any party that increases charges for motorists will never get my vote.
Andy Manning

Electric cars? Please give this global warming nonsense a rest no one swallows that as a reason for increasing tax and duty anymore.
John Middleweek

I think there's something very wrong with this country's policies towards the motorist. We need someone with a bit of common sense who'll ignore the anti-car lobby that's dominating the creation of motoring policy.

Politicians of all shades should accept the car is how most people get about and it will not- and can't- go away just by hitting the average motorist in the wallet.
Barry Drake

Presumably the only thing stopping the Greens making us go back to using horses and carts would be that the horse produces too much CO2!
AG Hayes

The Greens won't get my vote. A 55mph speed limit? Grow up!
Ian Burgess

It's a shame that the Lib Dem manifesto for transport is so lukewarm I tend to find myself gravitating towards them these days, mostly due to despair with the other two main parties. I think the provision of train station car parking is their strongest point. I'd use the train much more if there was better and preferably free parking at stations.

I hope the Lib Dems realise that, in the UK at least, electric vehicles are effectively powered by fossil fuel. If they pollute less than internal-combustion cars it is purely due to the restrictions on use due to low performance and range.

I believe that electric is the way to go, but any party pushing the electric option is going to have to reconcile itself, and the public, with massive nuclear expansion. I hope they have thought this through.

I am also generally sympathetic to Green ideals, but I'm having difficulty in reconciling some proposals.

I believe that the result of the Greens' policies will not be to make public transport cheaper, but simply to make all travel more expensive especially private motoring. I live in a rural location and will never enjoy easy access to a bus or rail route.

I fear the Greens will alienate rural voters.
Gareth Davis