Other SUVs - part 1

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Other SUVs - part 1

Here's how other SUVs rated in this year's JD Power Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Survey. You can also take a look at our 'in focus' analysis of this particular sector.

2 Honda CR-V
Satisfaction rating 84.2%
Overall 4th

Low running costs and brilliant dealer service have been making CR-V owners smile.

Other high points include the CR-Vs interior, which was deemed quiet, attractive and comfortable. Elsewhere, it scored just above average or average.

3 Toyota RAV4
Satisfaction rating 83.4%
Overall 6th

The RAV4s driving experience was rated most problem-free of all the cars in the class, by some margin.Gripes from owners were few and far between, but mentioned among them were complaints about the radios poor reception.

4 Ford Kuga
Satisfaction rating 81.9%
Overall 22nd=

The Kuga scored Fords best result. Its reliable, with owners reporting particularly few problems inside. The heating, ventilation and air-con were all rated highly. The amount of boot space disappointed, though, as did the service from dealers.

5 Land Rover Discovery
Satisfaction rating 81.8%
Overall 24th=

Discovery owners have a glow of satisfaction about the quality of servicing and service facilities.
Niggles include problems with the windscreen wipers and washers, sat-nav system and rattling front seats.

6 Volkswagen Tiguan
Satisfaction rating 81.7%
Overall 26th=

Tiguan running costs give owners plenty to smile about only Honda CR-V owners are happier about their fuel bills.

There were quibbles over the rear doors and handbrake, though.

In focus
Japanese winners and losers
Cars made by Japanese manufacturers have won six of this years nine categories and fill seven of the top 10 places overall so buying a Japanese car is a route to instant satisfaction, right? Sadly, its not that simple, as these overall results by manufacturer show.1st Lexus
2nd Honda
10th Toyota
13th Nissan
15th Mazda
24th Mitsubishi
27th Suzuki