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From panel vans to dropsides and passenger carriers, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has an extensive range of capable, adaptable and reliable models. Here’s how to find the right van for you...

Finding your perfect van

Volkswagen van range

If you run a business, you've probably got more than a few plans for 2021 as you look to bounce back after a tough 2020.

Whether you’re a sole trader or an SME, vans are the cornerstone of your world, and you need a vehicle that helps you reach out to customers and keep them happy – especially when times are tough. So, this is the perfect time to upgrade your van or add extra vehicles to your fleet – ensuring that your vans are working just as hard and efficiently as you.

That’s why we’ve created an extensive guide to Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles’ range. From panel vans (large and small) to city-friendly electric vehicles and versatile passenger carriers, there’s something here to suit every business.

Plus, with a nationwide network of dedicated Van Centres – as well as Mobile Service Clinics that bring Van Centre experts to your place of work – Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is ready to support you and your business in every way possible. So, let’s find your next perfect vehicle...

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The new Caddy

Volkswagen Caddy

The new Caddy is the latest addition to Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles’ fleet, with pre-sales having begun December and first deliveries due early this year. It builds upon everything that’s great about the outgoing model, making it a deserved winner of the Best Technology Advance award at the 2021 What Car? Van Awards.

Versatile, comfortable and surprisingly spacious, the Caddy is the ideal urban van for navigating a maze of tight city streets. It's equally at home in the country – its compact dimensions making it perfect for zipping between small villages and threading its way down narrow country lanes.

The new Caddy - continued

Volkswagen Caddy

The new Caddy is available in three variants to suit your business needs – the Caddy Cargo, a larger Caddy Cargo Maxi and a passenger-friendly Caddy and Caddy Maxi if you want to blend load space with car-style practicality.

The standard Caddy measures 4500mm in length (an increase of 93mm over the previous model), while the wheelbase has grown by 73mm to 2755mm. The load space width is up too – increasing by 57mm to 1613mm, with the rear opening up by 51mm to 1234 mm. In total, the storage capacity of the standard wheelbase Caddy is 3.1m3, with the larger Caddy Maxi offering more space at 3.7m3.

The new Caddy - continued

Volkswagen Caddy

Inside, the new Caddy boasts a wealth of creature comforts and safety features, such as parking sensors, heated seats, cruise control and LED front and rear lights, while a strong range of economical engines make it as competent as it is comfortable.

The Caddy offers a swathe of the new technology and driver safety features. In total, 19 systems – including Trailer Assist, Lane Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control – work to keep you on the straight and narrow. Volkswagen's Digital Cockpit keeps the interior looking fresh and modern, while We Connect technology ensures constant connection to the internet, meaning fuel prices, real-time traffic information and much more is all at your fingertips.

To find out more about the award-winning Caddy, click here.

Transporter 6.1 panel van

Volkswagen Transporter 6.1

Celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, the Transporter 6.1 is as spacious as ever and now sports total connectivity - truly an icon reborn, not to mention the winner of Best Medium Van (Best Value for Ownership Costs) in the 2021 What Car? Van Awards.

Available in two wheelbases and two roof sizes, there’s a Transporter to suit every business. With available payload ranging between 713kg and 1304kg, load volume from 5.8m3 to 9.3m3, load length from 2572mm up to 2975mm and a load width of up to 1700mm, the Transporter can tackle everything from last-mile deliveries to the biggest of building jobs.

The Transporter Kombi is also available should you want to carry more crew or colleagues alongside your tools and supplies.

For 10 reasons why you should pick the Transporter 6.1 as your next van, click here.

Transporter 6.1 Shuttle & Caravelle

Volkswagen Caravelle

If your business involves shifting people and luggage, the Transporter Shuttle 6.1 offers seating for up to nine and flexible storage areas – perfect for taxis or pool vehicles. Alternatively, the Caravelle 6.1 also offers highly adaptable and versatile seating with a more executive feel – ideal for ferrying company VIPs from location to location.

Fitted with a range of strong Euro 6-compliant engines, optional 4MOTION four-wheel-drive on the Caravelle 6.1 and a host of safety features – including Cross Wind Assist, Park Assist including Side Protection, and Driver Steering and Lane Assist – the Transporter 6.1 range is ready to work hard to keep your business moving.

To read more about the award-winning Transporter 6.1, click here.

Crafter panel van

Volkswagen Crafter

Sometimes size matters. Having scooped the Best Large Van award at the 2021 What Car? Van Awards, the Crafter panel van is the biggest of the Commercial Vehicles range. Available in a multitude of wheelbases and roof heights, it allows your business to tackle the biggest of the big.

With payload up to 2573kg, a load volume of up to 18.4m3, a load length of up to 4855mm, a load width of 1832mm and wide sliding doors that open up to 1311mm, the Crafter is as big as it is dependable.

Crafter panel van - continued

Volkswagen Crafter

The Crafter is designed with plenty of space in the back and is available with an optional universal floor for even more flexibility. Volkswagen can work with you to tailor your Crafter and optimise the payload for your individual business requirements.

Available with all the safety features expected of a Volkswagen van and extreme ergonomic comfort, the Crafter is a real gentle giant.

To find out more about the award-winning Crafter, click here.

Dropsides, Tippers and Lutons

Volkswagen Crafter Tipper

Volkswagen appreciates that every business faces unique challenges. That’s why it provides a range of off-the-shelf ‘Engineered To Go’ Dropsides, Tippers and Lutons for every need.

Built in partnership with Recognised Premium Partner Ingimex, the ‘Engineered To Go’ range is ready to tackle any site at any time. The Crafter Dropside and Tipper offer payloads of up to 1314kg and 1081kg respectively, while both feature load areas of nearly 9m3. And, when it comes to size, the Crafter Luton offers a practical and versatile solution.

To learn about Volkswagen’s off-the-shelf Engineered To Go conversions, click here.

Bespoke van conversions

Volkswagen van conversions

While off-the-shelf conversions extend the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle range supremely, some businesses require the dependability of Volkswagen vans combined with a more tailored solution.

From wheelchair accessibility to refrigerators, minibuses and cranes, the list of potential bespoke conversions is endless – and all are completed by Volkswagen Recognised partners.

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