Rejuvenated ingenuity

Rejuvenated ingenuity

The new Superb still owes its existence to the hardware in VW Group central stores, but the Czechs have also been able to show their ingenuity once more.

Step around the back and you'll see that the new Superb is a hatchback for the first time... and a saloon. This two-in-one approach neatly side-steps the problem caused by different countries favouring different bodystyles. You can open the boot lid on its own, or the whole tailgate.

Skoda has also come up with an intelligent lighting system that varies its beam pattern according to your speed and the type of road you're on.

The system includes cornering lights, and has a special setting to reduce reflections when driving in rain or snow. Even the most expensive Audis and VWs don't have anything like it yet.