Sacked for speeding at 6mph

* Hearse driver wins tribunal * Bosses said he drove too fast * Hearing says he did nothing wrong...

Sacked for speeding at 6mph

A hearse driver who was caught driving at 6mph and sacked for travelling too fast has won 30,000 in compensation.

Scott Ralston was sacked for 'speeding' at 6mph on October 12, 2007, with his employers at Cooperative Funeral Care in Glasgow alleging he also let the tyres squeal and used the horn. Under company policy, Ralston was not supposed to drive above 5mph.

After being accused of not showing appropriate respect for the dead, Ralston was suspended during an investigation into reckless driving and then sacked.

But the tribunal, sitting in Glasgow, found it was not unusual for the firm's employees to drive faster than 5mph.

It pointed out that the garage area used by Ralston had signs at the exits and entrances warning drivers to use their horns.

After the hearing, Mr Ralston, who had worked for the firm for 16 years, said he felt 'totally vindicated'.