Simoniz Shield Car Wash Shampoo

  • Eight car shampoos tested
  • Ranked on performance and ease of use
  • From 3 to 13
Words ByEmma Butcher

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An article image
An article image

Best price 3.99 (
Capacity 500ml
For Good value, high shine
Against Didn't cope well with grease

Ease of use
Simoniz Shield Car Wash Shampoo produced plenty of suds when mixed with water. The solution was also effective at keeping the sponge clean and preventing grime being returned to the bodywork.

It removed dirt quickly and left a pleasing shine after rinsing and drying. Crucially, though, it failed to tackle greasy marks such as fingerprints and simple made them even more visible.

Value for money
At 3.99 from Halfords, this is one of the cheapest car shampoos on the market, and the concentrated formula means you don't need to use much.