Strangest US driving laws – don’t get caught out this summer

Heading to America on holiday this summer? These are some of the stranger rules to look out for...

The summer holidays are at last upon us, and many lucky Brits will be heading to America for a fly-drive holiday.Image 1 of 23

And who could blame them? With a few notable exceptions, such as New York City or San Francisco, America is a fantastic place to drive, with wide open roads, much lower traffic levels compared with the UK, easy parking, and cheap petrol – and that’s before we’ve mentioned the amazing scenery on offer.

Before you go, though, you should be aware that its driving laws are different, and indeed those laws vary from state to state and from city to city.

Legislators regularly write new laws but some of the older ones aren’t repealed even as they become outdated; they are simply no longer enforced. And, the immense size of the US has led to oddball driving-related laws that make little sense outside of the region they were written for.

From the outdated to the plain strange, here are some of the weirdest driving-related laws in the US:

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