Tesla issues software update to fix Model X potential airbag problem

Tesla announced the update after internal tests revealed a potential issue with the front passenger airbag in its large SUV...

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Claire Evans
08 June 2017

Tesla has issued a voluntary recall of the Model X SUV to address a potential issue with the front passenger airbag.

What is the problem?

Tesla hasn’t said exactly what the issue is with the airbag, but we understand that it is to do with the deployment of the airbag.

A Tesla spokesman said: “Although we’re not aware of a single customer car that has had an issue with it, there was an anomaly with the passenger airbag in a right-hand-drive Model X that was part of a routine internal test this week.

“After reviewing the results of this test, we were able to isolate the anomaly to the software controlling the passenger airbags in right-hand-drive Model X cars.”

The move follows Tesla having to recall all Model S cars to fix airbags as part of the global Takata recall.

Tesla issues software update to fix Model X potential airbag problem

How many cars are affected?

The anomaly only affects right-hand-drive Model Xs – that equates to around 4000 cars in various countries, including the UK. It doesn’t affect left-hand-drive cars or other Tesla models.

What’s being done to fix it?

Tesla is developing an over-the-air software update that it will be deploying to all affected cars over the weekend. It is emailing owners of affected Model Xs to let them know about the update.

The spokesman said there was no need for owners to take their cars to service departments for the update. “All owners need to do is accept the over-the-air software update that we will be deploying to their cars,” he said.

The company is advising Model X owners not to transport passengers in the front passenger seat of their cars until the update has been completed.

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