The cheapest cars to insure today

Sky-high insurance bills can take the shine off selecting your next new car, so check out our list of the 20 cars with the lowest annual premiums.....

Insurance premiums are at their lowest for five years, with the average annual cost down by £38 to £430 since the start of 2021.Image 1 of 21

However, new and young drivers may still struggle to keep their annual bills below £1000, so we’ve rounded up the cheapest cars to insure from the hundreds of new models on sale. 

It's worth remembering that the cost of cover varies heavily for people of different ages and professions. So, to make all our quotes comparable, we’ve based each one on a 40-year-old male teacher who is married and living in Caerphilly, with 10 years' no claims bonus and no driving convictions or accidents within the past five years, driving 10,000 miles per year.

Below we count down the 20 cheapest new cars to insure, revealing how much they will cost for our average driver.

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