The finest used fast car bargains

If you’re looking for a used performance car, you don’t have to spend much money to have a lot of fun.....

As manufacturers raise the bar ever further, with cars that go faster and handle better, we get to enjoy the fruits of their labours for amazingly little money.Image 1 of 29

That’s especially true when buying used, because as we prove here you’ve got so much mouthwatering machinery within reach, even if your budget is meagre.

We’ve not necessarily focused on the fastest or most powerful cars – nor even the sharpest handling. What all of these cars have in common is that they’ll bring a smile to your face whenever you drive them, whether it’s because of the grunt or handling, the soundtrack, or simply the fact that they’re such an absolute steal.

We list them in ascending price order:

Editors' note: Prices are estimates based on current examples found for sale online