The joy of SPECS

* Next generation of average speed cameras * Capable of operating in 20km zone * Set to go live early in 2010...

The joy of SPECS

A new generation of speed cameras capable of monitoring average speeds in residential zones is set to be introduced in the UK.

The 'SPECS3' cameras have been approved for use by the Government and are able to monitor speeds in congested urban areas.

The new cameras can be networked to cover a wide area of roads, calculating average speeds wherever cars enter and exit the network. Existing cameras are only able to monitor only a stretch of road with no other entries and exits.

20km speed-check zone
The company behind SPECS3, Speed Check Services, boasts that this network can be anything from 250m to more than 20km in size. The company also says that existing average-speed checks have been highly effective at persuading drivers to keep to speed limits, with 99.4% sticking to the limit in average-speed zones.

The cameras are likely to be used to monitor speeds in the growing number of 20mph zones that have been introduced across the country. Portsmouth and Oxford have already brought in blanket 20mph restrictions in residential areas and other local authorities, including eight London boroughs, are planning to do the same.