Top 10 most popular new car reviews of 2016

Will it be a family-friendly hatchback, a sporty SUV or a cute city car, or something else besides, that takes the honours as the most popular What Car? review of 2016?...

Top 10 most popular new car reviews of 2016

What’s been the most popular new car review on the What Car website in 2016? Good question. With so many excellent new cars on sale at the moment, and so many new car buyers looking to work out which one to splash their cash on, it isn’t easy to guess.

Could the ubiquity of the Ford Fiesta land it in the top spot? Or perhaps the popularity of the Nissan Qashqai? Or maybe the class of the Audi A3 will overwhelm the opposition. The home favourite – the Land Rover Discovery Sport – is in with a shot, too.

To find out, we’ve put together our chart of the top 10 most popular car reviews on our website this year. Read on to find out which comes out as What Car? readers’ top model.

What Car?’s most popular new car reviews

10. Volkswagen Golf

Top 10 most popular new car reviews of 2016

The Volkswagen Golf seems to be all things to all people. It’s classy enough to be at home in any situation, yet affordable enough to be accessible to most buyers. It’s also practical enough for the average family, efficient enough to make a great company car, yet enjoyable enough to drive that it’ll keep an enthusiast happy. There are cheaper family cars out there, granted, and some are more spacious – but few wrap it all up quite so convincingly as the Golf.

Top 10 most popular new car reviews of 2016

Buyers love the Volvo XC60 as it combines the best attributes of an SUV – a high driving position and a practical, versatile interior – with a comfortable, calming driving experience and a superb safety record. True, it isn’t quite as much fun to drive as some rivals, and some of the dashboard buttons can be little fiddly, but if you’re not worried about those minor flaws, the XC60 makes for a great family car.

Rated 4 out of 5

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8. BMW X1

Top 10 most popular new car reviews of 2016

Of course, if you’re looking for an SUV that’s more fun to drive than the XC60, the BMW X1 might be right up your street. It’s one of the best handling SUVs around, but it’s also spacious enough to make a great family car and feels more upmarket inside than most SUVs of this type. It doesn’t come cheap, mind you, and if you’re planning to do lots of motorway miles, keep in mind that there’s a fair bit of road noise.