Toyota begins plug-in hybrid trials

* Trials of PHV start today * In partnership with EDF Energy * Year-long trial follows French tests...

Toyota begins plug-in hybrid trials

Toyota has started UK trials of its Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle (PHV), in partnership with energy company EDF.

The trials will last for more than a year and Toyota says it will play a pivotal role in developing its Plug-in Hybrid technology.

EDF Energy's employees will use the right-hand-drive vehicles.

A testing programme began last year in France and Toyota says the UK trials will be used to evaluate the cars in an urban environment, infrastructure requirements and driver expectations.

For short journeys, the PHV can drive on solely electrical power, while over longer distances it works with a conventional hybrid engine.

The cars' batteries can be charged by using a standard electrical plug or an electrical charging post. EDF has helped to install 40 of these charging posts throughout the UK and plans to install more in the coming months.