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Used Car of the Year Awards 2021: Value cars

With demand for used cars on the rise, you’ll want to know which are the best buys. That’s where our annual Used Car Awards come in. These are our favourite value cars...

Used Value Car of the Year
(and best buy less than £6000)

Hyundai i10 (2014-2019)

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Numerous studies suggest that the majority of commuters in big cities will reconsider their use of public transport after Covid19, meaning the inexpensive city car has never been more relevant than it is now. So our decision to name the Hyundai i10 as the best used city car doesn’t come lightly.

If money is of the utmost importance to you, our lowest price point winner – the Suzuki Celerio – is still a great shout, but we reckon the jump to the i10 is worth making because you get a much more refined car with a better Euro NCAP safety rating. And although the latest Kia Picanto is practical and good to drive and represents a significant saving over a brand new version, it can’t beat the i10 for sheer value.

Hyundai i10 - interior

For around £6000, you can find a 2017 i10 in well-equipped SE trim, with an economical 1.0-litre engine or a more gutsy 1.2 for easier motorway work. In addition, you’ll still have a few years’ worth of manufacturer’s warranty cover left, further strengthening the i10’s case for being the best used city car you can buy today.

2018 Suzuki Celerio 1.0 SZ4 auto

Best buy less than £4000

At this money, a Hyundai i10 or Skoda Citigo will be much older than the Celerio, and neither can match its outstanding real-world fuel economy. Reliability is strong and the running costs of its 67bhp 1.0-litre engine should be low. There’s also plenty of rear passenger space for such a tiny car.

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Kia Picanto (2017-present)

Kia Picanto front cornering - 69 plate

Best buy less than £8000

At this price level, the current Picanto swats aside last year’s winner, the Volkswagen Up, by being newer and having more of its manufacturer’s warranty left. It also beats the equivalent Hyundai i10 for driver appeal, while providing a similarly generous equipment list and a noticeably bigger boot.

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