Used cars and consumer issues

Used cars and consumer issues
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What Car? Staff
20 Sep 2010 14:00

Our team of investigative journalists fights for the rights of the consumer of new and used cars.

If you're after advice on which car to go for, tell us what your budget is and what your buying priorities are.

Matt Sanger Used car editor
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Former car salesman Matt is poacher turned gamekeeper, uncovering used car scams as well as great used car deals.
Will Nightingale Consumer reporter
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Will has a strong nose when it comes to sniffing out discounts and testing the latest car kit.
David Motton Helpdesk guru
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Former What Car? editor David is in charge of our Helpdesk, championing your cause and fighting for your rights. If you've taken things as far as you can, and youre still not getting any joy, David's your man.