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Van of the Year 2021: Best Technology Advance

The new VW Caddy rewrites the rulebook when it comes to combining new connected technologies and advanced safety technology...

Van Awards 2021 - Best Technology Advance (new logo)

WINNER: Best Technology Advance

New Volkswagen Caddy

Connected technologies are becoming increasingly common in our lives; from your fridge to your phone, everything has a SIM card or data connection to keep you up to date, and that now includes the new Volkswagen Caddy.

This fifth generation of Volkswagen’s smallest van promises to be one of the smartest vehicles on the road, operating within an online ecosystem designed around the integrated eSIM and We Connect app. The change from the fourth-generation vehicle is being touted as being much like the shift from a typewriter to a tablet: not just an improvement, but rather a seismic shift.

2021 Volkswagen Caddy rear

Basic functions include the creation of vehicle reports, the ability to make automatic breakdown calls and useful tools for planning servicing intervals. It can also alert you to where the vehicle is parked and report accidents, including automatically dialling the emergency services. However, the more advanced package enables the car to raise anti-theft alerts in the event of a break-in attempt, as well as offering full data streaming and internet features.

Layer in the array of 19 active safety systems, ranging from lane-keeping assistance and adaptive cruise control to Trailer Assist to help you park when towing, plus party tricks such as voice recognition and a full digital instrument panel, and you start to understand why the Caddy eclipses the likes of Ford, which has launched similar app-based advances, and sets a whole new standard for integrating cutting-edge technology into a van.

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