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Van of the Year 2021: Compact Van - Best to Drive

While most vans are reassuring to drive rather than outright entertaining, the Ford Fiesta Van is very much the exception to that rule...

Van Awards 2021 - Compact Van - Best to Drive (new logo)

WINNER: Compact Van - Best to Drive

Ford Fiesta Van

Priced from £16,600 MPG from 62.8-80.7mpg CO2 emissions 93-1026g/km Load space 0.96m3 Payload 515-524kg Power 84-123bhp Torque 125-159lb ft

Among the reasons why the Ford Fiesta is perpetually one of the best-selling cars in the UK is that it’s one of the most fun to drive cars money can buy, let alone in its class. The Ford Fiesta Van has a similar appeal.

The cutting-edge dynamics that set the Fiesta car apart from its hatchback rivals translate pretty much directly to the van, leaving it unrivalled in the class; it eclipses the closely-related Fiesta-based Ford Transit Courier by being slightly smaller and hence more agile.

Impressively, this is also true when the Fiesta Van is fully loaded; where most compact vans struggle to deal with maximum payloads, the Fiesta’s trademark balance between a comfortable ride and razor-sharp handling remains largely undiluted, and the all-round driving experience it provides is enhanced by the punchy yet economical engines available.

Ford Fiesta van interior

It helps, too, that the Fiesta’s interior is built around the driver, with a seating position that is comfortable and ergonomically sound controls that are all intuitive and within easy reach. Its road car roots are also evident from the good quality of the materials used. Storage cubbies could be a bit thin on the ground, though, for anyone used to driving purpose-built vans.

The Fiesta has more poise, better ride quality and sharper handling than the Fiat Fiorino and edges the Renault Zoe Van, both of which it counts among its rivals in this category.

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