Seatbelt safety issue identified in some Volkswagen and Seat models

New Seat Arona SUV and latest Volkswagen Polo hatchback among the cars affected, as owners are advised not to use middle seat

Words By Steve Huntingford

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Volkswagen Polo, Seat Arona and Seat Ateca

A fault that can leave a rear passenger unbuckled during a high-speed manouevre has been identified in the Seat Arona, Seat Ibiza and Volkswagen Polo – three cars which are closely related under the skin.

Finnish automotive magazine Tekniikan Maailma put the cars through a lane-change test while carrying five people, and found that the resulting movement of the person in the middle rear seat was enough to release the seatbelt of the person to their left.

According to Tekniikan Maailma, this happened on numerous occasions in each identified model, plus it says it tested two Aronas in order to confirm that the issue wasn’t isolated to a particular test car.

Volkswagen has now advised that owners of affected cars do not use the middle rear seat until a recall is issued, and says that it will provide a technical solution shortly.

Meanwhile, Seat has confirmed that it has found the same issue during new tests of the Arona and Ibiza.

Tekniikan Maailma believes that the unlatching is down to a combination of the middle buckle's position – it's mounted slightly higher than the one to its left – and the release buttons being overly sensitive.

The Volkswagen T-Roc features a similar layout but buckles made by a different company, and the belts in this worked perfectly when it was put through the same test.

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