Watch your children's driving from afar

* New device monitors driving * Relays information to website * Parents can see if driving is dangerous...

Watch your children's driving from afar

If your children are old enough to drive, you're bound to have worried about how they're behaving on the road.

Now you can find out, because a new device that enables parents to monitor their offspring's behaviour at the wheel is being tested by Staffordshire County Council.

The Safety Centre is made by US company GreenRoad. It monitors a number of factors, such as G-forces and driver speed, and relays the information to a website, where parents can monitor the driver's manoeuvres.

Dangerous behaviour, such as driving too fast around corners, or lane-changing too quickly, is indicated on the website in red, while green represents better driving. Amber signifies areas that need improvement.

Another device is fitted to the dashboard, which flashes red or amber if a bad manoeuvre is detected.

GreenRoad claims to have reduced the number of crashes among its clients by 54%, and cutting high-risk behaviour by around 50%.

The Staffordshire trial is being pioneered in the 17-19 age bracket, and the council is looking for 50 volunteers for the trial.

There are currently no plans to sell the device to individual customers.