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What Car? Personal Shopper

The reader

Dear What Car?,

I currently drive a DS 5 Hybrid, but I didn't know when I purchased it that I would not be able to fit a tow bar onto it. Having since been in touch with several towbar fitters and manufacturers, I now know that many Hybrid cars should not tow caravans and even trying to get a tow bar has been near impossible. To add insult to injury, the rear spoiler on my car means I also can't fit a cycle carrier to carry our two e-bikes. Towing is a necessity for me, so is my only option to choose a petrol or diesel car instead? Or is there a hybrid which can do the trick? 


The brief

Jim's in need of a comfortable car which can tow, as well as carry his two e-bikes. He'd like a hybrid, but would also consider a petrol or diesel car. So, we'll give Jim one of each option for both new and used cars, and see which comes out on top. First up, it's Darren's new car options.

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