What else is different about it?

2 Jul 2008 10:27 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 0:3

We reckon you'd be hard-pushed to pick the ZEV H2 out from a line-up of standard Scenics.

Despite its high-tech propulsion systems, Renault's goal was to make the Scenic ZEV H2 as normal as possible.

It does have 60mm more ground clearance, however, because the car's entire floor plan has been reworked to accommodate the large and heavy hydrogen tank, hefty fuel cell, and other components.

You lose a bit of boot space to the tank, but the modified floor plan means this is otherwise the same as any other Scenic - a full five-seater MPV.

Sitting behind the steering wheel, there's also little to tell the car apart. All of the switchgear and controls are in the same place, although a central display lets you know which bits of the car are doing the work at any given time, and which are being recharged.