What the papers say: December 24

* On the spot fines for shunting? * 4000 speeding fines quashed * A car that runs on human fat...

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Pete Barden
24 Dec 2008 11:55 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 0:3

On-the-spot fines for drivers in minor shunts
The Daily Telegraph reveals Government plans to fine drivers who are involved in minor crashes. The paper says motorists could receive 60 fines and three penalty points on their licence. Other proposals include police being able to issue fixed penalty notices for things such as smoking or eating while driving. Listening to loud music while driving, and splashing pedestrians could also be included.
The Daily Telegraph

Speeding fine errors
More than 4000 drivers prosecuted between April 8 and December 17 for speeding on the A5117 in Chester are to have their convictions quashed, according to The Times. The paper reports that the temporary speed limit, which the drivers fell victim to, was not legally enforceable.
The Times

Tata to pump 670 million into Jaguar Land Rover
The Indian company which owns Jaguar Land Rover is to inject at least 670 million of its own money into the troubled car maker, according to the Daily Mail. The move could also pave the way for Government aid in January.
Daily Mail

The human fatmobile
The Daily Mail reports on a doctor who runs his car using body fat from his patients. The leading Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon uses the fat removed during liposuction procedures to power his 4x4. So, piling on the pounds this Christmas could be beneficial after all.
Daily Mail

They love it when a van comes together
The Daily Mail has a picture of footballer Sean Davis arriving for training in a three-wheeler Reliant that has been converted into a replica of the A-Team's van. The Portsmouth player was being punished for coming bottom of the club's Champions League prediction contest.
Daily Mail

Forget Dallas here's Havant
The Sun reports that vast oil reserves have been located under a housing estate in Havant, Hampshire. Oil giant Northern Petroleum is reported as saying that the Leigh Park housing estate is a potential oasis of 'black gold'.
The Sun