What the suppliers say

* Winter tyres shortage until January * 87.5% of stockists not expecting more this year * Most popular size in UK in short supply...

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21 Dec 2010 15:07 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 00:03

A BMW spokesperson explained: 'We planned for a big push on winter tyres because our customers have previously expressed an interest in having a package offered.

'This interest, combined with the UK being the third-biggest global market for BMW, has meant a sharp increase in the number of winter tyres coming to the UK. These two factors, plus the dreadful weather, are why there is a wait to buy winter tyres.'

Out of the eight Kwik Fit centres contacted, only one could offer tyres immediately. Later in our investigation we discovered that centres had been told there are none left in the country.

A Kwik Fit spokesperson said: 'There has been a huge demand all over Europe, so theyve sold out in all of the popular sizes. Given the performance of this year, Kwik Fit is likely to review its ordering policy next year.'

Rivals ATS Euromaster faired similarly, only two of the centres we called had tyres available immediately. Huw Williams, group marketing director of ATS Euromaster, added: 'Most of the market is now struggling to secure stock, but customers are advised to contact their local centre to check the latest position.'