Why hasn't my car got a trim badge?

Why hasn't my car got a trim badge?

Q: I purchased a new Mazda 3 Sport from a main dealer in March last year. However, there was no Sport badge on the boot. The dealer says that's normal, but I keep seeing other Mazda 3 Sports of the same year with the badge on the back. Should there be a 'Sport' badge or not?
Alan Smith

A: We called Mazda and were told that all Sport cars should come with a badge.

There are a number of possible reasons why yours hasn't got one, the simplest being that there was an error at the factory and your car was just missed out.

Alternatively, it may have fallen off at some point before the car reached the you.

However, we still recommend you give your paperwork and registration document (V5C) number a thorough check. There is always a slight chance your car isn't a Sport model, and that you've been given a different trim by mistake.

Provided everything checks out and your car is indeed a 'Sport', your car is incomplete through no fault of your own, and your dealer should fit a new badge free of charge.