Your most watched videos of 2016

We’ve created more than 100 car videos in the past year; these are the 10 most popular...

Your most watched videos of 2016

At What Car? we pride ourselves on giving you all the information on all the most popular new cars. So in addition to our in-depth online car reviews, we make video reviews of the biggest sellers so you can see them in action, too.

We’ll often do a quick five-point video for an interesting new car we’re driving for the first time, and then do a longer, more detailed review later on. We also ask readers to give their verdicts on significant new arrivals and video these to share with you.

Top 10 videos 2016

10. Skoda Fabia

Our favourite small car for the past two years and our overall Car of the Year winner in 2015, the Fabia is great value for money and combines agile handling with a refined interior.

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9. BMW 3 Series

For many drivers the 3 Series is the default compact executive saloon thanks to its combination of a great driving experience, strong and efficient engines and its excellent infotainment systems.