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Passenger & boot space

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Passenger & boot space

How it copes with people and clutter

The Renault Kangoo is pretty much the benchmark for size and functionality in the light commercial vehicle sector.

There are two versions, a standard sized van or the larger Kangoo Maxi.

Regular vans have a maximum load volume of 3m3, while the Maxi van adds an additional 1m3, taking the total load volume to 4m3.

Maximum load length is 1,476mm for the regular Kangoo and 1,862mm for the larger van.

There is also the option of a swivelling bulkhead that allows the passenger seat to fold flat and the mesh bulkhead to pivot forwards, protecting the driver while also adding an additional 0.6m3 of storage.

The loadspace has a width of 1460mm and internal height of 1129mm. Payload ranges from 650kg on standard vans, or 605kg on Maxi models, to a maximum of 800kg.

Access to the loadspace is via a single sliding side door on regular vans and twin sliding side doors on Maxi vans. There are also 180-degree-opening asymmetric doors at the rear.

There are six floor-mounted load lashing points and a rubber floor covering comes with Business+ models.

Renault Kangoo side-on interior
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