MOT test fail rates - SUVs and MPVs

We’ve used new government data to find the best and worst MOT test fail rates in each car class and reveal the top 10 items that let motorists down...

Used Subaru Forester (08-13)

Best small and family SUVs for passing the MOT test

This is the category with the lowest overall MOT fail rate. While the Japanese Subaru Forester comes out on top, half of the SUVs in this category are from German brands. Vauxhall should be commended for the strength of its Mokka X, and more so Dacia for the performance of its cut-price Duster.

Make and model                                   % MOT fails

Subaru Forester 2008-2012               4.6%

Mercedes GLA 2014-present               4.8%

Vauxhall Mokka 2012-present            5.4%

Audi Q3 2011-2018                                  6.1%

Skoda Yeti 2009-2017                           6.6%

Mini Paceman 2013-2017                    6.8%

Nissan Qashqai 2014-present            7.1%

Peugeot 2008 2013-present                7.1%

Dacia Duster 2013-2018                      7.6%

Mini Countryman 2010-2017           8.6%

Worst small and family SUVs for passing the MOT test

Jeep Patriot

With three models in the bottom 10, Suzuki has the weakest record in this category. The Jimny and Grand Vitara are ancient in relative terms, admittedly, but the SX4 isn’t. Meanwhile, the 2002-2007 Subaru Forester is four times more likely to fail its test than the stellar 2008-2012 version.

Make and model                                   % MOT fails

Suzuki Jimny 1998-2018                     21.1%

Suzuki SX4 2006-2013                         22.1%

Subaru Forester 2002-2008             22.5%

Jeep Compass 2006-2016                   23.8%

Daihatsu Terios 1997-2006                25.2%

Honda HR-V 1999-2005                      25.5%

Toyota RAV4 1994-2000                     27.0%

Land Rover Freelander 1997-06    28.0%

Suzuki Grand Vitara 1998-2006     28.7%

Jeep Patriot 2007-2014                       39.1%

Best large and luxury SUVs for passing the MOT test

Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V isn’t the most expensive large SUV, but it’s certainly one of the most rugged, because it beats all of the premium brands for passing the MOT test first time. Range Rovers often perform poorly for reliability, but the current Sport bucks this trend by ranking in seventh place here.

Make and model                                   % MOT fails

Honda CR-V 2012-2016                        6.7%

Lexus RX 2009-2016                             6.8%

Toyota RAV4 2013-2019                      7.0%

Mazda CX-5 2012-2017                        7.2%

BMW X5 2013-2018                              7.6%

BMW X3 2011-2017                              8.0%

Audi Q5 2008-2017                               8.8%

Range Rover Sport 2014-present    8.8%

Porsche Cayenne 2010-2017            8.8%

Volkswagen Touareg 2010-2018    9.7%

Worst large and luxury SUVs for passing the MOT test

Nissan Terrano 4x4 (93 - 07)

Jeeps look tough, but their MOT results suggest the opposite; there are two in each SUV bottom 10. The same disparity appears here for the Mitsubishi Shogun, the pick-up truck-based Nissan Pathfinder and the Nissan Terrano II. Surprisingly, the original Lexus RX does far worse than its successors.

Make and model                                   % MOT fails

Lexus RX 1998-2003                              27.5%

Mercedes M-Class 1998-2005            27.6%

Ssangyong Rexton 2003-2013           27.8%

Jeep Grand Cherokee 1999-2005    27.9%

Jeep Cherokee 2001-2008                  28.1%

Kia Sorento 2003-2010                       28.8%

BMW X5 2000-2007                             28.8%

Mitsubishi Shogun 2000-2007        28.9%

Nissan Pathfinder 2005-2012          28.9%

Nissan Terrano II 1993-2007           36.0%

Best MPVs for passing the MOT test

Skoda Roomster MPV (05 - 10)

Don’t discount the Skoda Roomster for its odd looks; it’s a practical MPV with a great record for reliability. Less than 10% of Ford’s B-Max and C-Max models failed first time too. And if you’re after a larger people carrier, the Volkswagen Sharan and Seat Alhambra both have very strong pass rates.

Make and model                                   % MOT fails

Skoda Roomster 2006-2015               7.1%

Ford B-Max 2012-2017                          8.5%

Ford C-Max 2011-2019                          9.8%

Volkswagen Touran 2010-2015        10.5%

Mercedes B-Class 2011-2019             10.7%

Volkswagen Sharan 2010-present  10.9%

Vauxhall Meriva 2010-2018              11.1%

Citroën C4 Picasso 2014-2019          11.1%

Seat Alhambra 2010-present             11.4%

Toyota Verso 2009-2013                     11.9%

Worst MPVs for passing the MOT test

Our cars: Carens, Qashqai and i10

MPVs that arrived at the peak of the class’s popularity in the 1990s are quickly falling by the wayside; the Citroën C8, Ford Galaxy and Volkswagen Sharan all have MOT fail rates of more than 30%. But they’re not as bad as the original Kia Carens, which alarms with nearly 40% of cars failing. 

Make and model                                   % MOT fails

Peugeot 807 2002-2010                        30.8%

Vauxhall Zafira 1999-2005                  31.4%

Fiat Multipla 1998-2011                        32.2%

Chrysler Grand Voyager 2001-08   32.3%

Volkswagen Sharan 1995-2010         32.3%

Ford Galaxy 1995-2006                        32.4%

Kia Sedona 1998-2006                         32.9%

Mitsubishi Space Star 1998-2006  32.9%

Citroën C8 2002-2010                         35.2%

Kia Carens 1999-2006                         39.5%

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