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Audi RS Q8 2019 dashboard LHD
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The interior layout, fit and finish

The RS version is just as sumptuous inside as the regular Q8, and while some might say it’s a shame that more hasn’t been done to differentiate this sportiest version from lesser models, you can’t knock the quality of its fixtures and fittings. All controls have a feeling of solidity to them, building the impression that you’re in a luxury environment. All driving position adjustments, including those for the steering wheel, seat and its lumbar support, are electric, making it a doddle to find your ideal posture.

The infotainment system is more deserving of criticism. While there has been plenty of effort made to simplify its menus and submenus for ease of use, because the air conditioning, infotainment and navigation systems are all controlled through  touchscreens, it’s all too easy to hit the wrong ‘button’ or to not press it hard enough when on the move. You also end up having to look away from the road to check you’ve hit the right icon, which isn’t particularly safe.

In the RS model, the Q8’s standard 12.3in Audi Virtual Cockpit display has been altered slightly to lend it a sportier look, as well as adding racy features such as a g-metre and lap timer. Perhaps these are a little bit gimmicky, but it might be quite interesting to find out how much cornering force your passengers can withstand before they start to complain of motion sickness.

Sensibly, the RS Q8 comes as standard with front and rear parking sensors, along with a rear-view camera to assist you with parking (and to help you avoid kerbing those precious 22in or even 23in alloy wheels). LED matrix headlights are also standard, and will automatically dim portions of the headlight high beam to avoid dazzling following and oncoming traffic, and to give you the brightest view of the road ahead. 

Audi RS Q8 2019 dashboard LHD
Audi RS Q8 2019 front right static LHD
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