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Interior layout
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Interior layout

The interior layout, fit and finish

While the exterior of the Z4 might split opinion, the interior is nothing less than masterly. Like BMWs of the 1980s and 1990s, the whole dashboard is angled towards the driver, creating a racy-feeling environment. Everything is within easy reach and all of the controls are clearly structured and labelled – exactly what you want in a car designed to be driven quickly.  

Everything is also impeccably finished. From the stitching on the leather dashboard to the acres of chrome and piano black trim pieces, everything is beautifully incorporated into the environment.

And the good news continues when it comes to the new infotainment system. BMW’s new-generation ‘iDrive 7.0’ infotainment system (with more driver-customisable menu screens) is without a doubt the best on the market. It’s responsive, intuitive to use and easy to operate on the move, thanks to BMW’s fantastic iDrive rotary controller, which is less distracting than prodding the touchscreen.

BMW Z4 Interior
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