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Does A Car Leasing Agreement Include Maintenance? - Car Leasing Advice

Most car leasing agreements do not include maintenance however some do and many offer a maintenance package which will add to the monthly cost but offer peace of mind and make budgeting easier. If it isn't clear on our site then ask the dealer about whether an offer includes maintenance or not. Maintenance Packages can include some or all of the following: servicing, repairs, new tyres and batteries, exhausts, breakdown recovery and MOT testing. 

While all new cars are covered by a manufacturer's warranty for the first three years, servicing costs and 'wear and tear' items such as tyres are not covered by this. Cars will not need an mot test until they are three years old. There's more about this in our Wear and Tear Guide here.


  • Fixed costs: no nasty surprises when you need four new tyres or the service is due.
  • Peace of mind: keeping your car in good condition reduces the risk of additional fees when you hand it back.


  • Check the small print as different leasing companies will offer different components - if you'll need a courtesy car while yours is serviced, for example, make sure it's included.
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