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Passenger & boot space

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Passenger & boot space

How it copes with people and clutter

A choice of two lengths are available for the Citroën Berlingo, with either an M or an XL body. M-length vans (L1) are 350mm smaller than the XL (L2) models; their overall length is 4403mm rather than the L2 van’s 4753mm length.

Maximum load length for an M van is 1817mm, compared with 2167mm for the XL. Width between the wheel arches is 1229mm. The Berlingo doesn't have the option of a high roof, but its maximum loadspace height is a decent 1243mm. The loading height for the rear floor is 548mm in the L1 and 620mm on the L2 model. Maximum load volume is 3.3m3 for the M and 3.9m3 for the XL, however, with the addition of the FlexCargo folding partition bulkhead, an extra 0.5m3 is possible. Twin side doors are standard on the XL vans, while a single nearside door is fitted to the smaller M version. All vans get double rear doors as standard.

Payloads vary depending on model, with 2-tonne and a 2.4-tonne different gross vehicle weight variants to choose from. The smaller vans can move around 650kg to 670kg, while the heavier version is capable of shifting 940kg to 1010kg. A hard plastic floor covering is standard on Enterprise and Driver models, and all vans get six lashing points in the load area.

Citroen Berlingo load space
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