2019 Volkswagen T-Cross - reader test team review

Volkswagen's new Polo-sized SUV will compete with the likes of the Renault Captur. What do our readers make of it?...

Volkswagen T-Cross RTT

Victor Agarwal Age 44 Job Compliance and security manager Drives Volkswagen Up

Volkswagen T-Cross RTT

“I want a new car with a higher seating position, to make access easier for my elderly mother.

“The T-Cross’s door apertures are nice and wide and its sills low, so it’s easy to slide in and out. The seats are comfortable – although the squabs are a little short – and the controls and touchscreen are well laid out.

“I’m of average height and get enough head and leg room in the front and rear seats. Having a sliding rear bench is very useful, because you can increase luggage capacity or rear leg room.

“I’m disappointed that the top of the dashboard is made from hard plastic, because the Polo features some softer mouldings. But I’m glad the air conditioning controls are physical, because digital ones are too distracting.

“The digital instruments look great, but I’d forgo them, because my eyes are already strained by using a computer all day at work, and it would be pricey to replace.

“I’m pleased the car’s design enables you to see the end of the bonnet, making parking easy.

“Depending on how the car drives and what pricing and standard spec is like, my rating could shift one star either way.”

Rated 4 out of 5

Casper Gorniok Age 48 Job Marketing and strategy consultant Drives Nissan Note, Seat Leon

Volkswagen T-Cross RTT

“I’m looking to replace my Note with a practical ‘car on stilts’.

“The T-Cross’s SUV seating position is positive, because it gives you a better view out.

“There’s really good space in both the front and back, and the boot is very versatile; the rear seats slide and lie nearly flat when folded down. Mind you, I’d have liked for them to split 40/20/40, rather than 60/40.

“The build standard is spot on, as is material quality; it seems Volkswagen has learnt from
the mistake it made with the T-Roc.

“There’s a great relationship between the driver and controls, and I’m incredibly pleased to
see a proper, manual handbrake.

“The dashboard styling is ace, and you can personalise it; I love the stripes option, which
is stylish without being garish.

“Performance and handling should be good, but refinement is key, because most small SUVs are simply too noisy at 70mph.

“My one criticism is over-the-shoulder visibility, due to the thickness of the rear pillars. 

“I was going to buy a Seat Arona, but not now; the T-Cross just feels a lot more ‘solid’, in that indescribable, emotional sense.” 

Rated 5 out of 5

Paul Biddle Age 62 Job Solicitor Drives Audi Q2

Volkswagen T-Cross RTT

“I’m looking to downsize slightly without losing the sophistication of a Volkswagen Group product.

“I prefer the T-Cross to the Polo because of its higher driving position, and over the T-Roc because it looks more utilitarian.

“It’s very comfortable inside, and the panels and trims are of high quality. The seats are very comfortable, although these are the range-topping R-Line set. It’s roomy for me, too, at 6ft tall.

“This would be an easy car to place on the road, because you can see the bonnet and rear visibility is impressive.

“I’m particularly impressed by Volkswagen’s offering of a sliding rear bench in this class and at this price; few rivals have that.

“The touchscreen has crisp graphics and simple menus, plus it’s very responsive. I’d pay for the digital instruments, too.

“I’m glad to hear that all the latest active safety systems are available, and especially that many of them are standard.

“The one letdown for me is that you can’t have a sunroof.

“I like how the Polo drives, because it favours comfort and refinement over sportiness, so
I hope the T-Cross simply feels like a higher-up version of that.”

Rated 4 out of 5

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