3rd Collins Superscale Britain 14.99

3rd Collins Superscale Britain 14.99

Collins Superscale Britain
RRP 14.99
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With a scale of 1:158,400, there's plenty of detail in this maps. However, there is a downside to this, because in denser areas place names get cramped, making it hard to get your bearings. The town maps are detailed, though.

Ease of operation
The indexing is the highlight of this atlas, with everything clearly labelled and easy to find. Its near-A3-sized pages ensure good detail, but can be unwieldy. The speed camera locations don't tell you the speed limit, though, which is frustrating.

It's among the more expensive soft-back atlases on the market, but you get quality mapping and a raft of additional information for your money. Online discounts are generous, too.

The paper quality is good, fending off rips, and the spiral binder and floppy outer covers ensure that it's both rugged and flexible. Signposting from the main mapping to more detailed city plans is excellent.

Special features
You name it, it's here. The general mapping is loaded with information, from the location of campsites to vineyards, while additional features include full motorway junction information and details on services stations. If you are looking for more than just directions, this could be the map for you.