3rd Philips DCP951

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3rd Philips DCP951

Philips DCP951
RRP 199.99
Best of the web 141.36 at kikatek.com


The nine-inch screen is large by portable DVD standards, and matched by a superb picture quality that shows everything in sharp detail. The sound quality is a match for this and is also crystal clear because the player operates very quietly. However, it would have been nice to get some headphones with the player. Battery life is disappointing at two-and-a-half hours.

Ease of operation

There's nothing too tricky about getting the DVD player to work, and a handy remote control makes its operation that bit easier. Uniquely, the player comes with an iPod dock, which slides out of the side of the player. It's clever and potentially useful for showing pictures or playing music, but also adds a level of complexity to the player.


Substantial discounts of around 30% are available by shopping around online. Given the player's reputable manufacturer, this means it represents excellent value for money.


The player is robust and well-designed, with all the controls neatly fitted. However, the sliding iPod tray does look and feel like an afterthought, and it could be in danger of being snapped off if the payer was dropped while it was out.

Special features

The player has SD/MMC card slots, so you can view DivX movies or digital photos from multiple sources. The iPod dock is funky and adds another dimension, but you would have to be sure you were going to use it to justify the additional cost.