7th Giugiaro Quaranta

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Jim Holder
05 March 2008

7th Giugiaro Quaranta

Giugiaro Quaranta
Summary Concept car with bonkers door opening
Mad rating7/10
Chances of making it into production 75-1

If you've reached 40 years in the car design industry, you should perhaps be allowed a little bit of an indulgence.

Described by even its designers as 'extreme', this four-wheel-drive, mid-engined supercar is powered by a Toyota-built hybrid system that uses solar energy to recharge its battery.

The engine is a mid-mounted 3.3-litre V6 petrol unit, which is supported by two electric motors, providing a range of about 650 miles.

But extreme though all this is, where the Quaranta scores highly on the mad scale is with its, erm, unique, door system.

We use the term door loosely, because it is actually a single opening that hinges from the front of the car and exposes the entire compartment space for three adult-sized passengers.