7th: Porsche Design P'8459 - 168

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Will Nightingale
13 June 2008

7th: Porsche Design P'8459 - 168

Porsche Design P'8459
RRP 168
Best of the web N/A - on sale in August
Lens size 65mm


Brushed titanium frames made the Porsches as light as a feather. The design meant the lenses wrapped around the face to stop light leaking in round the edges, too, and our testers found them comfy to wear. The lenses did a good job in bright sunshine, but were a bit too dark in cloudy conditions.

They're not cheap, but with the Porsche name on them, would you expect them to be? These polarised P'8459s go on sale in August, with a swanky rubber/fabric case thrown in.

The brushed titanium frames certainly felt upmarket, but the bulky design won't appeal to everyone. The hinges weren't the smoothest, either, but the polycarbonate lenses were are as clear as crystal.

**Special features
The Porsches filter out all UV light, and have a scratch-resistant coating. The titanium frames mean the glasses are ultra-lightweight, too.

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