Aldi offers an Audi

* Discount chain courts graduates * New A4 along with 40,000 salary * Ferrari join the hunt for young talent, too...

Aldi offers an Audi

Job-seeking graduates will get an extra incentive to join discount chain Aldi a new Audi.

Despite figures revealing that overall graduate work placements have declined by more than 17%, Aldi is offering university leavers 40,000 a year, plus a new Audi A4.

The 40,000 wage packet significantly exceeds the 25,000 offered by upmarket rival Marks & Spencer.

While the economic downturn has hit graduate placements at many firms, cost-cutting shoppers are flocking to cut-price supermarket Aldi leading to a 50% increase in graduate placements.

Ferrari wants graduates to design car of the future
The Italian supercar manufacturer is offering six grants of 25,000 (around 20,000) to graduates with innovative ideas.

The competition is open to students around the globe, and will look for entries based on CO2 reduction, weight reduction, or man machine interface.

Winners will then work to develop the projects they have proposed.