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Audi S7 review

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If you were to choose a power unit for a fast, luxurious four-seat coupé designed to ease you across many miles of country or continent, what would it be? A petrol perhaps, a hybrid, fully electric? Or a diesel? Yes, that’s right, don’t discount out of hand diesel power for the 21st century. The Audi S7 hasn’t, and here’s why its maker has a point.

Despite their recent damnation, modern diesels can be as clean, if not cleaner, than some petrols. That’s because unlike the dirty diesels of old, they employ all manner of clever clean-up acts to remove pollution including particulates and NOx emissions. And, as a rule, they produce fewer greenhouse gasses and are more efficient for anyone doing higher mileages.

The 344bhp 3.0-litre V6 diesel in this Audi S7 goes further still. It has some tricks up its sleeve centred around a 48-volt electrical system, which supports mild-hybrid technology to boost both fuel-efficiency and performance. For instance, it allows the engine to switch off completely and coast for periods up to 40sec when you lift off the accelerator.

It also recovers energy during braking, which is energy that would otherwise be lost, and stores it ready for use by an electric compressor (EPC). This works alongside the regular turbocharger and is claimed to boost the S7’s low-rev responsiveness.

So, there’s certainly plenty to get excited about for this four-door performance coupé with a luxury twist, but does it do enough to excite? Can it steal the show from its close rival, the Mercedes-AMG CLS 53?

Read on to find out what the S7 is like, and when you’ve decided whether it is for you or not, head to our What Car? New Car Buying page for the very best hassle free deals.

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