Top 10 used sports cars (and the ones you should avoid)

Fast, fun and fantastic value: here are the 10 best sports cars you can buy now second-hand

Words By Alex Robbins

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7. Ferrari 458 Italia

For many, a Ferrari is the ultimate sports car, and the 458 Italia is one of the best the marque has ever made. It looks fantastic, has a chassis that flatters any driver at any level and produces ferocious power from its 4.5-litre V8 engine. Of course, as with any Ferrari, it doesn’t come cheap – but if you can afford it, the 458 Italia is one of the most exciting cars there is.

We found 2010 458 Italia, 23,000 miles, Β£139,950

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6. Mclaren MP4-12C

The McLaren MP4-12C isn't far short of supercar perfection. The pace of its twin-turbo 3.8-litre engine is extraordinary, the speed with which it will corner astonishing. But what really caps it off is just how easy the car is to live with; it’s a doddle to potter around in and there’s plenty of room for weekends away. What’s more, despite being a better all-rounder, it’s actually cheaper to buy now than the Ferrari 458 Italia.

We found 2013 MP4-12C, 12,900 miles, Β£92,950

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5. Honda S2000

If daily dependability and usability are essential in your sports car, you’ll struggle to better the Honda S2000. Not only does its high-revving engine deliver exhilarating performance and a manic engine note, but it’s also one of the most reliable sports cars out there. The downside is steering that’s considerably lacking in feel, but the beautifully balanced chassis communicates so well that you probably won’t mind too much. Go for a facelift car from 2004 onwards for the best driving experience.

We found 2006 GT, 78,200 miles, Β£12,995

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