Black box accident recorder for cars

* Uses satellite technology * Front and rear cameras record data * Insurance companies may not accept it, though...

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What Car? Staff
18 September 2008

Black box accident recorder for cars

Motorists can now buy 'black box' recorders to help settle disputes after crashes.

The T-eye-in-Car recording system is sold by electronics giant, Maplin.

It costs 300 and uses front and rear cameras, built-in satellite tracking technology and a sensor that records audio and video footage.

The cameras are fitted with night vision, and the satellite receiver records the car's position, speed and direction in which it's travelling. Footage is then recorded onto a disc. The technology also works when the car is stationary.

Maplin says the information recorded could be used to settle disputes after a crash.

However, it admits that it cannot guarantee that the recordings would be accepted by insurance companies.