BMW reveals artistic 5 Series teaser

  • Silhouette 'sculpture' revealed
  • Familiar BMW styling
  • Full unveiling later this month
Words By What Car? Staff

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An article image
An article image

BMW has revealed a 'teaser' picture of its new 5 Series saloon.

The silhouette has been released ahead of the 5 Series saloon's official launch on November 23.

Familiar design cues
Little is revealed of the car's styling, but the picture does give clues towards BMW's familiar kinked rear pillar.

The 5 Series saloon will share a platform with 5 Series GT, and is expected to be slightly larger than the model it will replace, but weight-saving measures should mean it's no heavier.

The teaser silhouette has been created by using BMWs kinetic sculpture from its museum in Munich.