BMW's next Vision of the future

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What Car? Staff
10 February 2011

BMW's next Vision of the future

BMW will unveil this Vision ConnectedDrive roadster concept car at the Geneva motor show in March.

The sporty-looking two-seater is packed with technology designed to enhance the comfort and safety of occupants as well as improve their access to information.

Sensors and cameras scan the surrounding environment, ahead of and behind the vehicle, and send relevant information to the driver via a head-up display and a more detailed, and fully customisable, instrument panel.

The head-up display features augmented reality technology to directly overlay navigation information and directions over the driver's real-world view. It can do this not only ahead of the driver, but also behind, highlighting route options that may have been passed to the driver.

The Vision ConnectedDrive also gathers, sends and receives information on traffic levels around the vehicle.

Many third-party companies are working on intelligent transport systems in which this kind of information could be collected and analysed by a remote hub, which would then manage traffic to improve journey times.

The Vision ConnectedDrive follows on from the Vision Efficient Dynamics of 2009 and gives a flavour of what next-generation BMW styling might look like.