Car of the Year 2011 winner

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13 January 2011

Car of the Year 2011 winner

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Car of the Year 2011
Audi A1
1.4 TFSI Sport
List price 15,670
Target Price 15,670

If ever there was a car that hit the nail squarely and firmly on the head, the Audi A1 is it. Its the ultimate downsizers transportation. The right car at the right time, combining desirability with ability. A worthy Car of the Year.

To say expectations were high for the A1 is something of an understatement. Twelve months ago, at the 2010 What Car? Awards, it waltzed off with our Reader Award. You voted it the most exciting new car due for launch in the coming year, and you werent wrong.

In the past, Audis have had a habit of overpromising and underdelivering, but things are certainly changing in Ingolstadt.

The A1 has all the Audi hallmarks of head-turning style and impeccable build quality, but on top of that its an Audi that drives brilliantly, yet doesnt compromise on comfort.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is that its great value, too. Sure, 15,670 may seem a lot for a supermini-sized car, but this is no ordinary supermini. Youll buy it because you want something thats a lot of fun, with a dash of practicality and a high dose of quality in the same way that so many people have bought Minis over the past 10 years.

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However, the A1s a lot more practical than a Mini, with more space for people and their luggage. Just like the Mini, the A1s desirability means itll be a wise investment, while day-to-day running costs will have downsizers wondering what to spend their spare cash on.

If the A1s cute-yet-striking looks dont have you hooked, sitting behind the wheel will. This car oozes quality everywhere you look and from everything you touch you wont find better at this price.

Its remarkably well equipped as standard, too, but you can load it with the latest in-car tech from a lengthy options menu.

Audi has clearly thought long and hard about the A1s safety as well, as demonstrated by the cars five-star Euro NCAP crash rating.

The Audi A1 is a car that makes you smile for any number of reasons, and will keep you grinning as all great cars do. Thats exactly what the A1 is a great car. One were delighted to recommend to you as our Car of the Year for 2011.