2017 What Car? Servicing Satisfaction Survey

The 2017 What Car? Servicing Satisfaction Survey reveals the brands that are trusted to deliver quality work and the ones that could leave you feeling underserved or overcharged

Words By Claire Evans

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Car being serviced

Getting your car serviced can be a pleasure or a chore, depending on how well you are treated and how much of a dent it makes in your wallet. To find out which are the best – and worst – brands for servicing satisfaction, we asked more than 8300 motorists how impressed they were with their most recent service.

They were asked to consider three areas – politeness of staff, quality of work and value for money – and rate the servicing agent as either very good, good, neither good nor bad, bad or very bad in each case. These scores were weighted and used to create an overall satisfaction rating that enables us to compare up to 34 brands, from Alfa Romeo to Volvo.

As well as looking at servicing satisfaction for all cars, we’ve split the data into 0-3 and 4-20 years to see if those with older cars – many of which will be out of warranty – are happy with the care and cost of servicing.

We’ve also looked at the same three facets of servicing from independent garages. Keeping customers happy is even more important for them, because owners of newer cars wouldn’t automatically go to independents. These garages are also more likely to be asked to work on older cars with worn-out parts, so the bills are likely to be higher, making value for money an important aspect to get right.

Franchised dealer servicing cars aged 0-3yrs

This first group represents cars that have the back-up of the manufacturer’s warranty, so there shouldn’t be too many nasty surprises for owners at service time. If there are any build quality issues or design faults, a good service department should sort them out swiftly and for free.

Honda and Lexus tie for top-spot honours, gaining close to 93% for overall satisfaction. Joining them in the top 10 is an eclectic mix of luxury and budget brands, ranging from Jaguar to Dacia.

At the other end of the spectrum, Jeep is ranked the poorest provider of servicing satisfaction among owners of newer cars. It is accompanied in the bottom three by Audi and CitroΓ«n.

Position Brand No of responses Satisfaction rating
1= Lexus 48 92.6%
1= Honda 104 92.6%
3 Jaguar 51 92.4%
4 Mini 49 91.2%
5 Toyota 86 90.7%
6 Dacia 27 90.6%
7 Kia 79 90.5%
8 Mitsubishi 31 90.1%
9 Hyundai 96 90.0%
10 Skoda 204 89.3%
11 Volvo 123 87.3%
12 Renault 63 87.2%
13 Seat 85 87.1%
14= Volkswagen 292 86.9%
14= BMW 270 86.9%
16 Suzuki 48 86.5%
17 Alfa Romeo 17 86.3%
18 Mazda 145 86.0%
19= Peugeot 48 85.8%
19= Mercedes-Benz 123 85.8%
21 Subaru 14 85.7%
22 Ford 193 85.5%
23= Porsche 90 85.3%
23= Fiat 24 85.3%
25= Land Rover 88 85.2%
25= Nissan 160 85.2%
25= Vauxhall 93 85.2%
28 Audi 217 85.1%
29 CitroΓ«n 59 82.9%
30 Jeep 21 75.6%

Attitude of staff

Best: Lexus (97.5%)

Excellent dealer service is what some Lexus owners like best about their cars. No wonder it gains top marks here.

Worst: Jeep (80.0%)

When asked what they least like about their car, one Jeep owner commented: β€œThe useless dealer.”

Quality of work

Best: Lexus (94.2%)

The high calibre of servicing is one reason owners are loyal; one told us he was on his fifth Lexus.

Worst: Jeep (75.2%)

Jeep has been given the lowest score by owners by quite a long way when it comes to quality of work.

Value for money

Best: Mini (88.6%)

Mini owners voted the brand’s servicing dealers the best value for money, putting it ahead of Honda and Mitsubishi.

Worst: Porsche (70.4%)

Porsche owners do not like the high cost of servicing; only around half said it was good value for money.

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