Engine failure in less than four years

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What Car? Staff
05 January 2012

Engine failure in less than four years

Name Bruce Barton
Car Range Rover Sport
Problem Engine failure after less than four years

Having bought four Land Rover models in the past four years, Bruce Barton could be described as a fan. However, his enthusiasm was tested when the engine on his Range Rover Sport failed after just 46,000 miles.

The cambelt tensioner has collapsed, causing catastrophic damage to the engine, Bruce told What Car?. Stratstone Land Rover Pickering told Bruce the car needed a new engine, but since the Range Rover was almost a year out of warranty, the bill would be nearly 10,000.

We contacted Land Rover. Yes, the car was out of warranty, but was it really acceptable for a customer to pay the price of a new supermini to keep a luxury 4x4 on the road?

Land Rover explained that its reluctance to contribute was in part because the Range Rovers second service had been carried out by a non-franchised dealer.
However, the company has since reduced the bill by 2788 and offered a 2000 discount against another Land Rover.

I am very pleased with the way Land Rover has responded, Bruce told us.

If this happens to you
1 Consider fitting reconditioned parts to reduce the final bill.
2 Although you are within your rights to service a car outside of the franchised network, you have a better chance of goodwill contributions to repair bills if your car is serviced by a franchised dealer.
3 If you have been loyal, expect some loyalty in return.