Every brand's cheapest SUV on a lease deal

Leasing is often the cheapest way into a new car, so lets take a look at every brand's most affordable SUV, ranging from Audi to Volvo...

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SUVs and car leasing are both very popular at the moment. So, to help you decided whether either is right for you, we've named every brand's cheapest SUV currently available through What Car? Leasing.

Our list includes a wide range of models, including small SUVs and family SUVs, although some manufacturers are excluded due to the limited number of deals available.

Why should you go for a lease deal? Well, leasing is one of the most affordable ways to access a new car. The way it works is similar to other forms of car financing, such as Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), because you pay for the car with a deposit and monthly payments.

Contracts usually last for three or four years, with a pre-agreed annual mileage limit. However, unlike PCP, there's no option to buy the car at the end of the term. In effect, this means you're renting the car, but the benefit is that the monthly payments are generally lower than with other forms of financing.

If that sounds tempting, click through this slideshow to see some great lease deals available. Or, if you prefer, you can follow the lease links to find more deals or read our full review of each model.