Every brand's most fuel-efficient car, and how cheaply you can buy them

From Abarth to Volvo, we name every brand's most fuel-efficient model, plus we reveal how much you can currently save on them by using our free New Car Buying service...

Every brand's most fuel-efficient car

Cupra Formentor passing petrol station

Now that life is slowly returning to normal, many of us will soon be doing a lot more miles in our cars than we have been. And that means higher fuel bills.

Fortunately, some of the latest models on sale deliver truly outstanding efficiency. So, if you're thinking of changing your car and are looking for one that's capable of mega miles per gallon, what should you choose?

Well, here we're revealing every brand's most efficient petrol, diesel or hybrid car. If anything takes your fancy, simply click on the relevant link to read more about it or see if you can get it for even less than the Target Price by using our free New Car Buying service.


Abarth 595

Model 595 | Versions 1.4 T-Jet 145 and 1.4 T-Jet 165 | Fuel economy 41.5mpg | List Price £17,775 and from £20,975 | Target Price £17,775 and from £20,975 | What Car? rating 2/5

The 595 hot hatch delivers impressive straight-line performance when you put your foot down, and decent fuel economy when you don't, but it isn't as involving as rivals, and you have to put up with a very bouncy ride.

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Alfa Romeo

Long-term Alfa Romeo Stelvio front

Model Stelvio | Version 2.2 D 190 Sprint | Fuel economy 47.9mpg | List Price £44,510 | Target Price £42,891 | Saving £1619  What Car? rating 3/5

Alfa Romeo's Stelvio offers alluring looks, entertaining handling and a decent equipment list. Just bear in mind that the 2.2-litre diesel engine that earns it its place on this list sounds quite gritty.

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Alpine A110 action

Model A110 | Versions 1.8 Turbo 292 Colour Edition and Legende GT | Fuel economy 41.5mpg | List Price £59,755 and £61,655 | Target Price £59,755 and £61,655 | What Car? rating 5/5

The A110 is one of the most entertaining and rewarding sports cars you can buy – at any price. And being ultra-lightweight, it can get away with having a relatively small and efficient engine.

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Aston Martin

Aston Martin Vantage front

Model Vantage | Version 4.0 V8 | Fuel economy 25.2mpg | List Price From £122,865 | Target Price From £122,865 | What Car? rating 4/5

Despite featuring here, the Vantage is a thirsty beast. So, it's just as well that it's Aston Martin's best sports car to date, with a fantastic engine and engaging handling.

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Electric Car of the Year Awards 2021 - Audi A3 40 TFSIe

Model A3 Sportback | Versions 40 TFSIe Sport and S line with 17in alloys | Fuel economy 282.5mpg | List Price £33,550 and £35,450 | Target Price £32,237 and £34,061 | Saving Up to £1389 | What Car? rating 4/5

If you’re in the market for a relatively compact plug-in hybrid with a premium badge on its nose, we’d recommend taking a look at the Audi A3 40 TFSIe. Yes, a Mercedes A250e has a slightly cheaper purchase price and a marginally better electric-only range, but it’s not as refined, it doesn’t handle as well and its ride can be more fractious.

Read our full Audi A3 review or see the latest A3 deals


Bentley Bentayga 2021 front

Model Bentayga | Version 3.0 V6 Hybrid | Fuel economy 83.1mpg | List Price From £155,660 | Target Price From £155,660 | What Car? rating 4/5

The Bentayga may not be as sharp to drive as an Aston Martin DBX, or as cosseting as a Rolls-Royce Cullinan, but it represents an appealing middle ground dynamically. What's more, it's the only one of the three that's available as a plug-in hybrid, so is capable of vastly superior efficiency.

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BMW X5 45e front cornering - 69-plate car

Model X5 | Versions xDrive45e xLine and M Sport | Fuel economy 235.4mpg | List Price £66,415 and £69,915 | Target Price £62,648 and £64,447 | Saving Up to £5468 | What Car? rating 5/5

BMW's original X5 was one of the first road-focused 4x4s, and this latest model sticks closely to that car's winning formula, with good practicality and sharper handling than most rivals. These days, though, you also get a lavish interior with the best infotainment system around. And if you opt for the xDrive45e version, the X5 is cheaper to run than rivals, not least because it can travel a whopping 54 miles on electric power.

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Bugatti Chiron front

Model Chiron | Version 8.0 W12 | Fuel economy 12.6mpg | List Price £2.5m | Target Price £2.5m | What Car? rating 4/5

Bugatti's only current model is unmatched for performance – and unmatched for thirst. Still, if you've got £2.5m to spend on a car, that's unlikely to bother you.

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Citroën C5 Aircross 2020 front tracking

Model C5 Aircross | Versions 1.6 Plug-in Hybrid 225 Shine and Shine Plus | Fuel economy 222.3mpg | List Price £34,375 and £35,850 | Target Price £32,362 and £33,748 | Saving Up to £2102 | What Car? rating 4/5

We reckon the turbocharged 1.2-litre petrol version of the C5 Aircross SUV is the pick of the range, because it's very aggressively priced. You pay a lot more for the 1.6 Plug-in Hybrid that features on this list, so despite its impressive economy, it's only the one to choose if you're a company car driver.

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Cupra Formentor e-Hybrid 245 2021 front pan

Model Formentor | Version 1.4 eHybrid 204 V1 | Fuel economy 235.4mpg | List Price £35,770 | Target Price £35,770 | What Car? rating 4/5

The eHybrid 204 version of this sports SUV isn't as wieldy or fun to drive as the petrol alternatives, so make sure you're going to plug it in regularly enough to really benefit from its ability to run on electric power.

Read our full Cupra Formentor review or see the latest Formentor deals


Dacia Sandero 2021 front

Model Sandero | Versions 1.0 SCe 65 and 1.0 TCe 90 | Fuel economy 53.3mpg | List Price From £7995 and £9995 | Target Price From £7995 and £9995 | What Car? rating 4/5

The Sandero is comfortable, decent to drive and very spacious, so would be worth considering even if it cost the same as rivals. Except it doesn’t; it’s the UK's cheapest new car to buy, and is pretty cheap to run, with most versions averaging more than 50mpg.

Read our full Dacia Sandero review or see the latest Sandero deals


DS 9 2021 front

Model 9 | Versions 1.6 E-Tense Performance Line and Rivoli | Fuel economy 256.8mpg | List Price £46,100 and £49,200 | Target Price £46,100 and £49,200 | What Car? rating 2/5

Like other plug-in hybrid luxury saloons, the DS 9 E-Tense is capable of incredible fuel economy if you do lots of fairly short journeys and plug it in regularly. Unfortunately, it isn't as comfortable as it should be.

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Ferrari Portofino 2019 front left cornering shot

Model Portofino | Versions1.6 E-Tense Performance Line and Rivoli | Fuel economy 24.1mpg | List price £166,295 | Target Price £166,295 | What Car? rating 4/5

Ferrari's 'everyday' convertible may not be the most cosseting or efficient of cruisers, but it compensates by offering stonking performance and agile handling.

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Fiat 500 2020 front tracking

Model 500 and 500C | Version 1.0 Mild Hybrid | Fuel economy 56.5mpg | List Price From £13,275 and £15,925 | Target Price From £12,782 and £15,326 | Saving Up to £599 | What Car? rating 2/5

The hybrid version of Fiat's retro city car is feeling its age, with plenty of rivals better to drive, smoother and more practical. If you lust after its looks, try to stretch to the vastly superior fully electric 500.

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2020 Ford Focus front action

Model Focus and Focus Estate | Version 1.5 EcoBlue 120 | Fuel economy 67.3mpg | List Price From £22,615 and £23,845 | Target Price From £21,274 and £22,430 | Saving Up to £1415 | What Car? rating 4/5

Don't let the fact that this model is a diesel put you off, because it's a gutsy performer that can deliver better long-distance fuel economy than plug-in hybrid alternatives. It handles really sweetly, too, and the estate version is just as efficient as the hatchback. 

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Genesis G80 2021 front right cornering

Model G80 | Versions 2.2D Premium Line and Luxury Line | Fuel economy 44.8mpg | List Price £37,460 and £42,260 | Target Price £37,460 and £42,260 | What Car? rating 3/5

Hyundai's luxury brand is hoping the G80 saloon will steal sales from the likes of the Audi A6, BMW 5 series and Mercedes E-Class, and it certainly has rarity on its side. However, they've got it beaten in most other areas, including mpg.

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Honda Jazz 2021 front cornering

Model Jazz | Versions 1.5 i-MMD Hybrid SE and SR | Fuel economy 62.8mpg | List Price £19,045 and £20,645 | Target Price £17,548 and £19,060 | Saving Up to £1585 | What Car? rating 5/5

The Jazz's space and seating flexibility puts other small cars to shame, but crucially it's not just a box on wheels; it’s brilliant even if you take practicality out of the equation. Its hybrid engine, for example, delivers sprightly performance and excellent real-world fuel economy.

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Electric Car of the Year Awards 2021 - Hyundai Ioniq PHEV

Model Ioniq | Versions 1.6 GDi Plug-in Hybrid Premium and Premium SE | Fuel economy 256.8mpg | List Price £30,450 and £32,450 | Target Price £28,236 and £30,121 | Saving Up to £2329 | What Car? rating 4/5

The Ioniq is an excellent entry point into electrified motoring, combining low running costs and a relatively low price with a reassuringly normal driving experience.

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Jaguar F-Pace 2021 front

Model F-Pace | Version 2.0 P400e | Fuel economy 130.2mpg | List Price From £57,155 | Target Price From £54,043 | Saving From £3112 | What Car? rating 3/5

This plug-in hybrid version of the F-Pace is quick and good to drive, but equivalent Audi Q5s and BMW X3s deliver superior efficiency and lower tax bills.

Read our full Jaguar F-Pace review or see the latest F-Pace deals


Jeep Renegade 4xe 2021 front

Model Renegade | Versions 1.3 Turbo 4xe 190 Longitude and Limited | Fuel economy 134.5mpg | List Price £32,600 and £34,500 | Target Price £28,601 and £30,425 | Saving Up to £4075 | What Car? rating 2/5

Jeep's smallest model offers distinctive styling and decent practicality, while the recent introduction of this frugal 4xe variant is welcome. Most rivals still make it feel agricultural, though.

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2020 Kia Niro PHEV front 3/4

Model Niro | Versions 1.6 GDi PHEV 2 and 3 | Fuel economy 201.8mpg | List Price £30,515 and £32,195 | Target Price £27,305 and £28,985 | Saving Up to £3210 | What Car? rating 3/5

We're huge fans of the fully electric e-Niro, but its hybrid sisters are far less compelling, because plenty of other family SUVs combine similar efficiency with superior practicality and a more enjoyable driving experience.

Read our full Kia Niro review or see the latest Niro deals


Lamborghini Urus

Model Urus | Version 4.0T FSI V8 | Fuel economy 22.2mpg | List Price From £174,711 | Target Price From £174,711 | What Car? rating 4/5

It's a Lamborghini, so you probably won't be that surprised to learn that the Urus drinks a lot of petrol, despite being the most frugal model in the company's range. However, it does blend jaw-dropping pace with enough comfort and practicality to be usable every day.

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Land Rover

Range Rover Evoque 2020 front

Model Range Rover Evoque | Version P300e | Fuel economy 62.8mpg | List Price From £45,950 | Target Price From £43,885 | Saving From £2065 | What Car? rating 5/5

It might well be the Evoque’s looks that first pique your interest, but it’s a sensational car on more objective levels, too. Good to drive, really posh inside and surprisingly practical, it even makes financial sense thanks to incredibly strong resale values and – if you go for the P300e version – an ability to travel for up to 34 miles without burning any fuel.

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Lexus ES front - 20 plate

Model ES | Version 300h | Fuel economy 54.3mpg | List Price £35,905 | Target Price £34,157 | Saving £1748 | What Car? rating 3/5

There’s a lot to like about the ES; for the most part it’s comfortable, quiet and spacious, and the running costs for company car drivers are below those of many diesel rivals. It's just a pity that the infotainment system is such a faff to use.

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Lotus Elise 240 Sport Final Edition 2021 front

Model Elise | Version 1.8 220 Sport | Fuel economy 36.7mpg | List Price £41,270 | Target Price £41,270 | What Car? rating 3/5

Like the Alpine A110 that we looked at earlier, the Elise can get away with having a relatively small and efficient engine, because it's an incredibly light car. This low weight also helps it deliver one of the best driving experiences available, but it's poor refinement and practicality mean it's only for the seriously committed.

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Maserati Ghibli

Model Ghibli | Version Hybrid | Fuel economy 34.9mpg | List Price £58,050 | Target Price £58,050 | What Car? rating 2/5

The Ghibli looks swanky and could be the departure from the norm that some luxury saloon buyers seek. Those are the only significant reason for choosing it, though.

Read our full Maserati Ghibli review or see the latest Ghibli deals


Mazda 2 1.5 75 SE+

Model 2 | Versions 1.5 e-Skyactiv-G | Fuel economy 60.1mpg | List Price £17,375 | Target Price £17,375 | What Car? rating 3/5

You get a reasonably plush interior with this small hatchback, and very economical engines in terms of real-world fuel economy. However, the Mazda 2 has been overtaken by newer models when it comes to space, handling and refinement.

Read our full Mazda 2 review or see the latest Mazda 2 deals


McLaren Artura 2021 front

Model Artura | Version 3.0 V6 Hybrid | Fuel economy 50.0mpg | List Price £185,725 | Target Price £185,725 | What Car? rating tbc

We're still to drive McLaren's first ever hybrid road car, but one thing that's already clear is that it's far more efficient than the V8 models that proceeded it – at least in official tests.


Mercedes A-Class A250e AMG Line front

Model A-Class | Version A250e | Fuel economy 282.5mpg | List Price From £33,980 | Target Price From £32,570 | Saving From £1410 | What Car? rating 4/5

The A250e offers a flash interior, swift performance, a mostly comfortable ride and a comparatively long electric range that means it is capable of returning excellent fuel economy figures. Its hybrid system could be smoother, though.

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MG 3 2021 front

Model 3 | Versions 1.5 VTi-Tech Excite and Exclusive | Fuel economy 43.3mpg | List Price £12,495 and £13,995 | Target Price £12,078 and £13,525 | Saving Up to £470 | What Car? rating 2/5

Despite keen pricing, the MG 3 is hard to recommend, due to its bumpy ride, wheezy engine and disappointing safety rating. Plenty of other small cars are easier on fuel, too.

Read our full MG 3 review or see the latest MG 3 deals


Mini Countryman long-term test car driving

Model Countryman | Version 1.5 Cooper S E All4 PHEV Classic | Fuel economy 166.2mpg | List Price £33,500 | Target Price £31,522 | Saving £1978 | What Car? rating 3/5

The plug-in hybrid Countryman is economical yet quick, while retaining many of the standard car’s plus points, such as neat handling, a classy interior and intuitive infotainment.

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2020 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV RHD front right cornering

Model Outlander | Version PHEV | Fuel economy 139.7mpg | List Price From £35,815 | Target Price From £31,315 | Saving From £4500 | What Car? rating 2/5

You might be tempted by the Outlander PHEV's low emissions, particularly if you're a company car driver, but its ride, refinement and interior quality all let it down.

Read our full Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV review or see the latest Outlander deals


Nissan Micra front three quarters

Model Micra | Version 1.0 IG-T 92 Visia | Fuel economy 52.3mpg | List Price £14,000 | Target Price £14,000 | What Car? rating 3/5

You'll like the Micra for its smart interior, good safety equipment and peppy yet frugal petrol engine. You'll be less impressed by its cramped rear seats and crashy ride.

Read our full Nissan Micra review or see the latest Micra deals


Peugeot 508 driving

Models 508 and 508 SW | Version 1.6 Plug-in Hybrid | Fuel economy 235.4mpg | List Price £33,270 and £34,870 | Target Price £30,345 and £31,801 | Saving Up to £3069 | What Car? rating 3/5

The 508 is another of the models on this list that makes most sense as a company car. It scores well for safety, too, but plenty of its executive car rivals are more practical.

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Polestar 1 front three quarters

Model 1 | Versions 2.0 PHEV 4WD | Fuel economy 403.5mpg | List Price £139,000 | Target Price £139,000 | What Car? rating 3/5

On the one hand, Polestar should be applauded for making a genuine alternative to conventional, big-engined petrol GTs. It’s not the quickest car in the class, but it's unlikely you’ll want for more performance, and its hybrid system means that it can be surprisingly cheap to run. Its practicality isn't great, though, and its Volvo S90 interior feels out of place in such an expensive car.

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Electric Car of the Year Awards 2021 - Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid

Model Panamera | Version 4 E-Hybrid | Fuel economy 141.2mpg | List Price From £84,665 | Target Price From £84,665 | What Car? rating 4/5

Need a comfortable car with four seats that can cover big miles without stopping every couple of hundred miles to recharge? If so, that doesn’t mean you have to forego a thrilling driving experience or to put up with heavy fuel consumption and high emissions, because Porsche sells the Panamera 4 E-Hybrid.

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Renault Clio 2021 front

Model Clio | Version 1.6 E-Tech Hybrid 140 | Fuel economy 64.2mpg | List Price From £22,500 | Target Price From £19,683 | Saving From £2817 | What Car? rating 4/5

While the 1.6 E-Tech Hybrid 140 Clio is Renault's most fuel-efficient car, you'll have to do a lot of miles before it pays back its purchase price, so we think the cheaper TCe 100 petrol Clio will suit most people better.

Read our full Renault Clio review or see the latest Clio deals


Rolls-Royce Phantom

Model Phantom | Version 6.75 V12 | Fuel economy 18.8mpg | List Price From £378,700 | Target Price From £378,700 | What Car? rating 4/5

It might weigh more than the moon and be about as aerodynamic as a wardrobe, but the Phantom is still fractionally more efficient than its sister models, in addition to being the last word in luxury.

Read our full Rolls-Royce Phantom review or see the latest Phantom deals


2020 Seat Leon front action

Models Leon and Leon ST | Version 1.4 eHybrid | Fuel economy 256.8mpg | List Price £32,945 and £34,060 | Target Price £29,551 and £32,360 | Saving Up to £1700 | What Car? rating 5/5

We like the 1.5 TSI 130 version of the Leon so much that we named it Family Car of the Year at the 2021 What Car? Awards. Meanwhile, this 1.4 eHybrid is also well worth considering, even though you'll have to plug it in a lot to match its official economy figure in the real world.

Read our full Seat Leon review or see the latest Leon deals


Skoda Octavia Estate 2021 front cornering

Models Octavia and Octavia Estate | Versions 1.4 TSI iV | Fuel economy 282.5mpg | List Price £32,740 and £33,820 | Target Price £30,495 and £31,499 | Saving Up to £2321 | What Car? rating 5/5

The Octavia is closely related to the Leon and similarly good, although it prioritises comfort over handling to a greater extent, and trades some rear space for a bigger boot.

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Ssangyong Tivoli 2021 front right tracking

Model Tivoli | Version 1.6D Ultimate | Fuel economy 50.4mpg | List Price £21,860 | Target Price £21,860 | What Car? rating 2/5

The Tivoli is decent for the money, but massively outclassed in terms of space, efficiency and comfort by pricier small SUVs, including the Ford Puma, Skoda Kamiq and Volkswagen T-Roc

Read our full Ssangyong Tivoli review or see the latest Tivoli deals


Join us for an exclusive look at the 2015 Subaru Outback

Model Outback | Version 2.5i | Fuel economy 39.8mpg | List Price £33,995 | Target Price £32,635 | Saving £1360 | What Car? rating 2/5

It may be Subaru's most efficient model, but the Outback is still pretty thirsty in the grand scheme of things, while its ride never really settles.

Read our full Subaru Outback review or see the latest Outback deals


Suzuki Across PHEV 2020

Model Across | Version 2.5 PHEV E-Four | Fuel economy 282.4mpg | List Price £45,599 | Target Price £45,599 | What Car? rating 3/5

The Across has more than a little in common with the Toyota RAV4, but it's more expensive once discounts have been factored in, and doesn't come with as good a warranty.

Read our full Suzuki Across review or see the latest Across deals


Toyota RAV4 PHEV 2021 front cornering

Model RAV4 | Version 2.5 PHEV | Fuel economy 62.8mpg | List Price From £46,495 | Target Price From £43,366 | Saving £3129 | What Car? rating 4/5

Speaking of the RAV4, it's a big, practical SUV, yet has the best urban fuel economy figure of any car we've ever put through our True MPG test.

Read our full Toyota RAV4 review or see the latest RAV4 deals


Vauxhall Grandland 2021 driving

Model Grandland | Version 1.6 Hybrid | Fuel economy 192.0mpg | List Price From £34,365 | Target Price tbc | What Car? rating tbc

Recently facelifted, the Grandland now sports the latest Vauxhall family look. Plus, we're being told that the car will set the highest standards for comfort, thanks to a new front seat design. We'll test that claim and the rest of the revised Grandland for ourselves later this year.

Find out more about the Vauxhall Grandland


Volkswagen Golf GTE 2021 front cornering

Model Golf | Versions 1.4 TSI eHybrid Style DSG | Fuel economy 313.9mpg | List Price £33,145 | Target Price £32,334 | Saving £811 | What Car? rating 4/5

The Golf GTE is a plug-in hybrid hot hatch, which produces 242bhp, so it's fast as well as frugal. It's biggest problem is that you can buy the closely related but classier Audi A3 40 TFSIe for slightly less.

Read our full Volkswagen Golf review or see the latest Golf deals


Volvo V60 front three quarters

Models S60 and V60 | Versions 2.0 T8 Recharge and 2.0 T6 Recharge | Fuel economy 156.7mpg | List Price £46,075 and £45,825 | Target Price £42,793 and £43,011 | Saving Up to £2814 | What Car? rating 3/5 and 4/5

Volvo is famed for its estate cars, so it's perhaps not surprising that the V60 wagon is more recommendable than the S60 saloon. However, both officially average 156.7mpg, and both offer a very classy interior.

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*All prices correct at time of writing

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