Evo X gearbox for Outlander

* High-speed gearbox taken from Evo X * Steering wheel-mounted paddleshifts * On sale in early 2009...

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Jim Holder
31 March 2008

Evo X gearbox for Outlander

Mitsubishi will sell its Outlander with the option of a high-speed semi-automatic gearshift system early next year.

At present, the Sports Shift Transmission system is only available on the high-performance Mitsubishi Evo X, but the company plans to extend its use, starting with the 2.2-litre diesel-powered Outlander.

Benefits include almost no power loss during gearchanges, and better fuel consumption and lower emissions than traditional automatics.

Drivers change gear using steering wheel-mounted paddles, and the car will also feature two modes of driving: normal and sport.

The Outlander 2.2 Di-D Twin Clutch SST will be displayed at the Paris motor show in October before going on sale in early 2009.

No prices have been announced.